Northwest Arkansas Women's Shelter

The Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter supports victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. More than 136,000 people in Northwest Arkansas are affected by violence. One of those 136,000 people is surely your family, neighbor, or friend who needs access to shelter, resources and advocacy to begin their journey towards a life free of violence. Building a peaceful community is a team effort—and we need you!

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501c3 non-profit
The Ozark Off Road Club is a 501c3 non-profit, family friendly, Off Road vehicle club
dedicated to the principles of fellowship, stewardship, and servant leadership.

The Ozark Off Road Club strives to provide social and educational opportunities, advocate preservation of our public and private lands and parks, and charitably support our local and greater communities. Purpose supporting activities include, but are not limited to: guided trail rides, campouts, trail-side assistance and instruction, beginner classes (social/educational), trail creation/maintenance work days (preservation), and events that raise funds donated to local charities (community support).